Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Eye of the volcano.

This morning I was preparing to brush my teeth when I accidentally flicked the tube opening on my toothbrush. I blinked my eyes.

and oh the burning.

it felt like someone dropped sulfuric acid into my eyeball using a Visine container.

mother of pearl!

Don't worry. It wasn't sulfuric acid after all. It was only Arm 'n Hammer BAKING SODA Toothpaste.

If I cry this week, it may appear that I'm rabid, but don't you worry bloggerotsky. My eye is only temporarily a volcano science project.

my teeth are very clean as well in case you were wondering. I did the world a favor and went ahead to finish brushing my teeth even as the burning ensued.

Don't fret. I'm fine now. My eye is no longer burning and I have learned my lesson about the dangers of baking soda toothpaste. :D

Have a great day!