Sunday, August 30, 2009

Nashville by the Numbers

# of miles traveled round-trip: 495.2
# of TomToms borrowed: one
# of times aforementioned TomTom lost suction on the car window and hit me on the right knee: 4
# of stops to go pee pee: 5
# of times the term "recalculating" was heard in my Ford Focus: 27
# of turns I missed because I was singing too loud to Selah's new record: see above
# of times I visited the Opry Mills Mall: two
# of times I was creeped out and forced into buying my fav perfume by the rather direct perfume salespeople: one
# of soaps I bought at Bath and Body Works: 5 (sale!!)
# of friends I ran into in unexpectedly in Nashville: 3
# of country stars I saw: dang zero (Sugarland, Keith Urban, Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley, Rascal Flatts, Reba, --where were you hiding?!)
# of dear friends I saw: one (Hey Jen--I missed you!)
# of meetings I went to: one
# of thumbnails chewed to the quick because I was nervous: two
# of Panera Bread egg souffles ingested: one (Thanks, Myca)
# of Thunderstorms experienced in the Rainforest Cafe: 2
# of new friends made: 16

# of times I will be back to the Blessed Town: a hundred, I hope!


Jessica Miller Kelley said...

It was great meeting you! Glad you were here!

Keyly Watts said...

Seriously - you counted all this stuff . . . I think you may have OCD (with numbers that is!!)
Love ya,

Carol said...

Ok, why am I not surprised that you randomly ran into 3 people you know when you're out of state? Ha

John and Lauren said...

HOW FUN!!!!! I love it that you miss turns because you're so wrapped up in the music - that happens to me too! haha

Pumpkin, Molly, and Muffin are our kitties ... all boys too! we named molly before we knew he was a he!