Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Here's toddler E holding onto her Papaw's arm.

You can see his happiness in the picture.

She wants to be close to him. She's not trying to butter him up for a gumball on the way out of Denny's or a trip to Chuck E. Cheese for dinner. She is holding onto him because she doesn't just LOVE him, she LIKES him.

When was the last time we spent time with Jesus just for the sheer joy of being close with Him? I know that the Bible teaches us to ask for things, but sometimes the majority of my time with God is filled up by me asking, asking, asking. I rarely just say something like: "I love you so much, Jesus!" or "I just want to know you more, Lord!"

When was the last time we opened our Bibles because we longed for the nearness of Him? Our sense of duty does not impress or bless Him.

We can go through life feeling the weight of the world on our shoulders, or we can link arms with Jesus and have Him carry the load and more importantly, share the journey with us. He's waiting, offering His arm and eagerly anticipating for us to saddle on up beside him and link arms.

What do you want to tell Jesus today in response to this?


Leah Robinson said...


Whitney said...

how did you know that this is exactly what i needed to hear?

Chelsa said...

thanks for the reminder... i need this sometimes!

Abbie Lynn said...

Love the comparison...pictures are super sweet:) Thanks for making me think deeper, Lauren!!

kellie said...

amazing. needed that.

crittyjoy said...

I could not sleep for these very same thoughts last night...then I am catching up on my bloggy reading and here is your post.


Our God is amazing.