Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Odds & Ends, Winner, and a Mini That Girl Moment

Thanks for leaving your favorite Psalm references in my giveaway. I wish I had a book for each of you. buuuuuuut, I will be seeing Lisa Harper next weekend at Women of Faith in Indianapolis.

(Are you going to be there, too? That would make my weekend so much better! Shout out in the comments if you're going)

Unfortunately, she will be on stage and I'll be in the nosebleeds but maybe if she sees me donning my birthday princess crown on Saturday she'll grant my wish of nine more books to give away.....

back off, haters. I know it's very unlikely but please let the birthday princess have her dream. Maybe I can redeem myself and say something intelligent if I get to have her sign my book.

Anyway, one of you beautiful Bloggerotsky's got a ticket to ride....

Miss Deanna, you win!!

If you will email me I will get your book in the mail. His Love does ENDURE!


I few weeks ago I contacted lovely Leah. My sister-in-law, Shannon, was having a birthday so I asked Leah to do some photos of the girls. The sitting fee was my gift to Shannon. She's on her own for the pics though! Why? I couldn't choose and would end up breaking my bank to get them all. K,H, E and their sweet cousin T (Shannon's niece) took their pics last night and they are already up! Visit the site and you will find a group pic, then T, E, K, and H. PRECIOUS. Leah did an outstanding job in the heat and with Baby Girl E, who I'm told was having none of it although miraculously I could not tell in that adorable photo.

Eat your heart out, Baby Gap.


We are having VBS this week and I really covet your prayers as I am teaching the lessons. It is challenging at times but we have had amazing students and they LOVE learning their memory verses as well as hearing the Bible stories. This year our children's ministry leadership found a really inexpensive VBS kit for sale and we are doing "Good News Clues" which is a few years old and totally adorable. The kids are looking for clues and our little Gumshoes are loving it! Sorry if I am a blog slacker this week--it's a little crazy!


Picture it. FBC Bicknell. Monthly Church Outreach Meal. Sunday Night.

I was listening to an older couple share about their family for a few minutes when they began to ask me questions about myself. They asked about my family, if I was "from around here" and what my family name was.

Then they asked how old I was. So I told them I would be turning 24 on August 8th.
The husband looked at the wife and said, "I guess this time next year you'll be an old maid. Heh heh heh."

My hands turned clammy. My face possessed a horrified look. Forgive me for my naivete, but I thought 24 and even 25 were still relatively young. Regardless, my mind flashed photos of an elderly me surrounded by cats yelling at the neighbor kids to "Keep it down out there, ya hear?!"

In a moment I went from That Girl to That Old Maid.

Oh well.

I like cats anyways.


Lauren said...

What an absolutely CRAZY man!!! I'd like to give him a piece of my mind! You are so super young! I am 25 and I still feel 12 most days... I would have asked him how old HE was! haha :P

Leah Robinson said...

Little E was so cute I couldn't help but capture her spunky personality :) That was one of the last pictures we took...her papaw had something to do with it, hee hee! They all made my night and I wanted to take them all home!

Keyly Watts said...

Get out - - - I'm going to Women of Faith too!! Watch out Indy! There is a whole herd of French Lick people going including my mom and me. I'll have to get you my cell number & vica versa so we can met up.
Love ya "Cook"ie!!!

Christy said...

The "cat lady" lol love it!!
You know the Ya Ya's will be there at WOF!!!

Chelsa said...

seriously, old?? come on!! i turned 24 on the 16th of this month.. i don't feel OLD!! and i doubt i will next year either! i actually can't believe i'm 24...

so your amazing guy must not of been with you if this guy was saying that, right? b/c that would of been even worse...

All My Monkeys said...

Old maid is old school. Now it's cool to be single, forever if you want. Or at least til you're 45 or 50 something. I don't think the world thinks in old maid terms. He's just so outdated.

Besides. You'd TOTALLY NOT be the lady yelling at kids to stay off her grass. You'd be out there playing and laughing right along with them.