Friday, July 10, 2009

My dad actually named both of his children. Keep in mind that I am the only girl on my dad's side of the family, and my Grandma, Toots, was plumb excited to have a little lady in her group of grands. Thus, Toots had LOTS of name suggestions for my parents as they prepared for my birth. My mom wasn't a mom who had a bunch of names picked out before she went to the hospital, and although they discussed names with both my brother and myself, by the time her water broke, no conclusion had been reached on a name for each gender.

My dad gave my brother his name when my mom called him in a panic. This was back when women got a two or three day hospital stay even after a natural birth, and my dad was at work when my mom called him and said, "Pick a name for this poor child! I don't know what to call him and they keep bringing me to him and he doesn't even have a NAME!"

you see where I get it.

So the second or third day after his birth, my brother got his name. It's a good one too.

So obviously, when Toots began to suggest names for me, my mom was all ears at first. The Captain (my dad) had rejected her pick, Nicole, and they assumed I was a boy all through the pregnancy. They referred to me as Nicholas. A lot of therapy appointments later I can admit that to you :D

Anyhow, Toots declared that she had a couple of BEAUTIFUL NAMES--family names--that would be so perfect and wouldn't they just make a lovely moniker for sweet little Baby Girl Biggs?

yeah. about that.

Her suggestion stemmed from the fact that her maiden name was Barnett and my dad's name is a weird variation of Kevin--Keevin (pronounced Key-vin). She decided that it was only fair and smart and right and sweet and too cute to name me:


folks, you know that you know that I cannot make this stuff up.

But as my mom was trying to tactfully reject sweet Toots's suggestion, she declared that if it wouldn't work, she had another option.


perfect. so incredibly perfect. Heck, why didn't my mom think of that?

No worries, it's fine that mom didn't know what she was going to name a little girl. She was SOOOO having a boy. Soooooo completely having a boy named Nicholas.

And then, on August 8, 1985, when I made my grand debut, I immediately turned a lot of heads. Of course, I was a cute newborn (hee hee, who isn't?) but I mostly caught everyone's attention. I was lacking something expected.

Hold up, wait a minute. we got one that pees sitting down here, people.

Get out the pink blankets. No Nicholas here.

I have been told that my aunt, KARLEEN (also named by Toots) screamed so loudly in the waiting room when they declared my gender that my mom could hear her in the delivery room. She leaned over to the nurse and said, "That is my sister-in-law. She must have just heard the news."

Again with the no names. I should have used this example when my mom brought up my award-winning procrastination techniques. It's not like she was all Boy-Scout with her "Be prepared" up in there. So once again, she asked my dad to please pick a name for That Girl to whom I just gave birth.

He picked Lauren because he thought it was pretty and my middle name as Elyse, a funky-spelling'ed version of one of his favorite piano pieces: Fur Elise by Beethoven.

A lot of work for when I go out in public and still get called "That Girl."

2.) I collect Willow Trees, but I never buy any for myself. I think they are beautiful and they suit lots of home decor.

3.) The veggie on my desk was a cucumber. Thankfully someone I know has a green thumb so I can have a little fresh produce. Holler if you've got something homegrown!!

4.) LEMON SHAKE-UPS/Fish/Pronto Pups. Like I can pick just should see me in the shoe store.

5. My favorite board game is "Barbie: Queen of the Prom" circa 1961. Thank you, Mindy, for exacting this amazing find. Although I don't own a copy of the most simultaneously chauvinistic and hilarious game ever, my birthday is around the corner so I'm hopeful. My favorite game show is totally "The Newlywed Game" and when we played the game with our friends from church it was a real hoot--especially since the SINGLES got to ask the questions of the marrieds.

Okay, I will be answering reader questions on Monday or before. in the meantime, pray for Spurgeon Church and for me as I will be bringing the message on Sunday. Visit my sidebar for the link!

love you like I love Friday nights!


Lauren said...

You are too funny!! I love the name story!!:)

Kayla said...

Interesting that your dad is Keevin. My dad is Cavin (pronounced Kevin) because my grandma REALLY loved the painkillers they put her on. LOL. Also, were I a boy, my name would be Foster. So, really, I don't think "That Girl" is so horrible. haha. Remind me at a later date to tell you about my little brother's name. This is, after all, your blog and I am only a lowly commenter so my stories are not important. :P