Thursday, July 23, 2009

Giveaway Winner and HodgePodge.

Erica, come on down! With the help of the Random Integer Generator, you have won yourself a copy of Holy Roller! Email me for details!
As for the rest of yas, I am doing another giveaway tomorrow so stay tuned and your dreams might come true...Everything I do, I do it fooooooor you.


Anybody been watching The Next Food Network Star? it's so crazy this season. I have always loved it, since the first season with Guy Fieri, and it's a fun little Sunday night treat. Although I will tell you that my kitchen tends to get a little messier on Sunday nights after I watch because I feel "inspired." Try feeling "inspired" when your cupboards consist of boxed mac and cheese and cans of refried beans.
But don't cry for me Argentina. I do have some produce in there too. Not in the cupboards, of course.

I really love that sweet Melissa. I think she is charming and out of the top three I would Tivo her show. I think that even though she is not a professional chef, she is a mom so she can identify with a lot of FN's audience. I enjoy watching her, and as someone who also possesses frenetic energy, I appreciate her style. I think she would calm right down in a taped setting and be really popular. I'd buy her line of pots and pans. She has stayed really positive in her relationships with the other contestants as well, which I really respect.

Last night I stayed at my dad's house with the three muchkin princesses. H, the redhead, slept pretty much sideways and I didn't sleep well because I felt like one of us would fall off the bed eventually. So I slept with one eye open, and I'm feeling groggy at work today. I need Robert Goulet to show up with some of those nut (preferably almond) snacks he's been advertising.

I think that's it for now. Still wanting another pronto pup...There's always the Knox County Fair!