Thursday, June 4, 2009

Q & A Time!

Hi, sweet friends...

I know some of you are very to new to this blog and to what God has been doing in my life. Some of you have even posed questions to me in your comments. I have done several Q & A posts in the past (if you'd like to read them, click here) but they, for the most part, were very specific questions from people who already know me in Bloggerotsky-land and in real life!

I will try to address the questions that some of you left in your comments on other posts but to make sure I don't forget, you might want to remind me :D

As usual, you can either submit your question in comment form or drop me a line by email at

nothing is off limits. nothing! So ask away.

I am still wading through comments but I will have more time in a couple of days to visit some of your blogs for the first time...I can't wait!

Beyonce just came on my playlist and I am doing my best white-girl hoedown right now. Aren't you sad to be missing it?

I know, right?

much love.


Deanna said...

Hi Lauren. Would love to hear more about you and Seth.... how you met, etc.!!! If it's already on your blog, maybe you could just post the links?!!! :)

miss indiana said...

This amazed me in the dorms in OC - how are you always so positive? It's such an inspiration to be around, but so hard for me to do! Any advice or verses you use?

Someday Sarah said...

I hate to be answering your question here, but i didn't know if you'd see it if i replied on my blog.... i AM a db fan! arguably one of the biggest (or biggest that i personally know of anyway) and he IS where i got my blog name!! you are the only one that's caught that! good for you!

Jenn said...

I love your playlist! I even have some of the same songs on my playlist. You seem to have quite a diverse mix...what is your favorite kind of music?

Paige said...

So glad Angie introduced me to your blog! I have enjoyed reading it and look forward to coming back and visiting again!


Kasey Ruadh said...

Have you seen Reggie part 5....all grown up does not equal sexy

Theresa said...

I just stumbled upon your blog, and I look forward to reading more and laughing more (I think we'll be friends). Thanks for sharing & being so real I know I have had my share of "chopstick experiences" both literally and spiritually it is encouraging to know that it's not just me! Take care.

amy said...

That is hilarious.

So...I stopped by your blog this morning and all of the sudden heard the notes of my favorite song coming from the speaker - Heavenly Day. I love some good Patty Griffin! And that is when I decided that we are destined to be blog friends :-)