Friday, June 12, 2009


Tomorrow a sweet, dear friend will marry the love of her life. And I will be spoiled rotten--which I totally love! I met Natalie in 2004, when she attended a Journey (College version of Emmaus) that I worked. We met that weekend, but we had been attending the same university for a whole semester. We hit it off immediately and have been friends since.

Natalie is one of those people that is very intentional in her relationships. This is a trait I value so highly--her resepct and love for her community of friends. WE definitely share that passion and Natalie has challenged me so much in this area. She is always calling to see how I am, stopping by my office when she's around, and asking if we can have dinner to catch up. She makes me want to serve my friends more. She facebooks pictures like it's her full-time job, and she is pretty impressive--we will leave a gathering and get home to find all the photos up and tagged. It's impressive, since I am That Girl who still has not put all of her Haiti pictures up, and it's been a year this week.

We share a mutual love for talking, so no one gets a word in edgewise! It's cool because we always have lots to talk about and there's never a dull or awkward moment. We laughed and celebrated together, and cried over heartbreak and tragedy as well. It's so funny to hear outgoing Natalie describe Chris, who would rather be in the background quietly. Chris is super tall and likes to protect and take care of people, so I can't wait to see them continue to grow in Christ together.

It will be my honor to read one of my favorite scripture passages over Natalie and Chris tomorrow. I spoke with her on the phone this morning, and it's so preciously evident just how thoughtful she is: her family hired someone to do all of our nails today and our hair tomorrow. She invited me and I am not even a bridesmaid! She wants everyone to feel beautiful on her special day. What an incredibly thoughtful and wonderful person. I know she will be radiant tomorrow, especially because of her beautiful heart shining through.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Riddle! May the Lord bless you and keep you. May He make His face shine on you and be gracious to you. May He look on you with favor and give you His peace.

PS, I got a cute new dress and knowing Natalie's penchant for photos, she put a much more responsible person in charge of tagging them on Facebook, so hopefully I will have some pics to show you of my friends and our mad dance skills.

PPS, I promise not to read the scripture in my mock James Earl Jones reads the Bible voice. Only pray that I get rid of this cold so I don't sound like a junior-high boy tomorrow.


Jenn said...

How fun - I love weddings! It's great to have wonderful friends!

NatalieRiddle said...

I love that you find me interesting enough to blog about :P It sort of makes me feel like a celebrity, like I just got a bit on Regis and Kelly or something...and I love that you're my friend. I never would have made it through all the chaos without you! I love you girl!!