Monday, May 18, 2009

That Girl Moment #917: Expanding My Awkward Repertoire to Include Others

So there I was....

sitting at the college girls' retreat I worked this weekend, listening to a great message by my dear friend Lola.* She told the young women her story and then opened it up for questions. The talk was called "Single Life" so some of the questions were about boyfriends, dating, and the like. At the end of question time, I raised my hand and said something like, "Lola, can you pray for all of the girls in this room and their purity and their future husbands?"

Innocent enough, right?

They should buy me a muzzle.

So she says, "Um, not really." And then her family, sitting next to me, informs me of why.

In my defense, I did not know that it makes sweet Lola nervous to pray out loud.

DANG IT. dangitdangitdangit.

So here I am, in a roomful of people and feeling like an idiot. The same thing happens every time I assume. You KNOW what happens when we assume. (ahem.)

I turned three shades of crimson and so did she.

Finally some saintly person I cannot identify spoke up and ended the awkwardness. It may have been Lola herself, come to thinkof it. She had mercy on my needy, needy, idiot self and said, "Lauren, you can come up here and do it." As soon as I got to the stage I hugged her and told her I was sorry.

I am very thankful she is forgiving like Jesus, because some folks would have gone psycho-billy ninja on my heiny for calling them out like that.

All I could think of was Simon Birch when he hit Ashley Judd in the head with that baseball and killed her.
"IIIIIIIIIIII'm Saaaaahhhhh-rrrrrrryyyyyyyy!!!!!!!"

Oh Lord, why am I this positively freakish person who can make absolutely everyone in any given room feel totally weird withotu regard to race, creed, or gender. I will say this: now no one has to be nervous to come to the two churches I will be at this week because I have learned my pastoral lesson and will strive never to make anyone uncomfortable again. At least by asking them to pray out loud. I know I can't promise no awkwardness outright. Promises are designed to be kept and that's a promise we all know I cannot keep.
*Names changed to protect the victims of That Girl's awkwardness.

I did have lots of joy this weekend--I got to lead worship with my BFF since grade school, Ashley, and we had a total blast singing and dancing and praising with the sweet girls and the retreat team!

Although we forgot to do the standard cliche "Big House" by AudioA which is way old-school but still a total classic and that broke my heart just a little.

Here's the other thing: I had two blog lurkers finally come out of the shadows this weekend! Isn't it great to walk in the light? hee hee

So hello to sweet Emily and Erin--

Pray for Erin as she heads up to Michigan this summer to do some work for Campus Crusade (I think that is what she told me but it's Monday and I didn't get much sleep and I didn't have any coffee today and so I guess she will have to leave a comment finally to set the record straight :D

And pray for Emily as she lives in DC and works for the government and her family is back here in the heart of the midwest!

How can I pray for you, sweet and precious Bloggerotsky?
(It's okay to admit you have been lurking, too! I don't mind lurkers...I welcome them!)


Kathryn @ Expectant Hearts said...

LAUREN! I love it when you ask prayer requests.. It gives me an excuse to comment! (NOt that I NEED an excuse).. Let's see, yesterday was a particularly rough "grief day".. So prayers for our healing there (as usual).. A nice gal I know through her blog is going to be in my state the end of this month/early next month and we're trying to figure out if we can actually MEET, live and in person.. Prayers for that.. I have been not feeling so well for quite awhile and REALLY Need to make a doctor's appt but have no family doctor.. So prayers for THAT situation..

And I think that's all for now!! Love you!

Chelsa said...

lauren-- i know you already have said you will- but please continue to pray that "baby c" will make get in my tummy SOON :)

erin said...

Hello Lauren! :) Where do I start?! I think I'm going to a lot so it's going to be more like a book than a comment........
1st: wow, I just "came out" yesterday I'm already mentioned on your blog! kinda overwhelming. I'm so unworthy of being mentioned in your amazing blog!
2nd: yes, I'm headed to Traverse City, MI in 26 days! The Lord is too good to me....He's already sent me all my support needed for 8 weeks!
3rd: it's very sad that "Big House" wasn't even thought of, especially for one of those awkward 'music and sound won't quite work' moments (<--not like we had any of those while I was working) ;)
have an amazing day!

Kim Williams said...

Now that you asked...pray for all the area farmers. They're all a bit grouchy this time of year. Pray for our Gracious Lord to hold off the rain just a little bit longer. And of course, pray for the farmers families...they get to live with the grouch! SMILE!!!! GOD IS SOOOO GOOD!