Wednesday, May 6, 2009

So You Want a Revolution? Get on your knees and ASK!

In the time it normally takes you to read my (almost) daily blog, I ask you to pray for the three speaking engagements I have coming up...

In order to see God move, we have an opportunity to seek His face!

Thursday night
Winslow Indiana--Winslow Community Center 7PM Fast Time
Hosted by IRONMEN men's group
Open to public

Friday Night
Springs Valley Wesleyan Church
Ladies Dinner
7PM Fast Time
Open to Women--if you would like to attend, please email me at

Saturday Night
Plainville Christian Church
Mother/Daughter Banquet
6:30 PM Fast Time

As you can see, I will be doing a lot of traveling this weekend. Please pray for safety as well as every person under the sound of my voice this weekend without exception being touched and changed by the power of God.

Thanks. I love you little Bloggerotsky Babies!


Leslie said...

Prayers, prayers, prayers, baby!

Kim Williams said...

You go girl! Spread that word! All my Prayers to you!!

chariemagoo2 said...

love you girl and i'm excited for you. i'm speaking in texas this weekend. God will use you. I am so excited for you.