Monday, April 6, 2009

That Girl Moment #872: Her Name REALLY IS That Girl

First, I want to announce that the Lengacher family, a faithful group of Christ's servants, have lost everything in a house fire. Dean has been the director of the Powerhouse for several years, and he and his wife Nelda and their sons Josh and Tyler are in love with the Lord and are such a precious family of faith. Their daughter Mandi has given a list of ideas regarding how we can help. Dean and Nelda were instrumental in shaping my faith in high school and I am so thankful for the love and encouragement they have shown me throughout my life. I know they have touched the lives of thousands and I would love to see our local community use our own resources to bless them. I love them so much and many of you do, too!


So I heard this story on Wednesday and have to tell you that collectively we busted a gut over this one, kids.

A member of our congregation went to visit a shut-in from our church. We'll call her Gertie. Miss Gertie has been a member of FBC for many years but no longer is able to attend church, so she pieces events and happenings as well as personalities together based on what she reads in the bulletin and what she is told by those who visit her.

oh heavens.

So my friend went to visit her the other day and being an avid blog reader, she found the exchange rather ironic and hiii-larious.
Miss Gertie discussed a number of other things I am sure, but somehow (always, people. sigh.) the discussion turned to a certain young man who happens to be the pastor of FBC BIcknell and the lack of estrogen currently in the parsonage.

awkward. miss gertie, WHY ya gots tah be puttin' my bizness out there like that?

But the best part of it all was when she discussed me, she referred to me not as Lauren but as "That Girl." I know that
a) she reads not this blog, and

b) she has seen my name in le bulletin because of what she said.

it went something like this:

"Is the pastor still datin' That Girl? Well, I don't even understand why they are together. I mean, if she is wantin' to be a missionary* and such it doesn't really make sense for That Girl to be datin' a preacher and such."

*assuming it would be better if I was a missionary to date a pro basketball player or a member of Twisted Sister's entourage. Anybody is better than a preacher, right?

wow. So I am officially That Girl among a population of people who don't really KNOW that I am officially That Girl.

I can't make this stuff up!
Miss Gertie, call me That Girl or that missionary or whatever you want. Just don't call me late for dinner. :D


Christy said...

That's what we like to call an Aha moment!

Josh and Kristi said...

What can you do when your reputation preceeds you? Just go with it. You ought to go visit her too!

Amy S said...

Lauren- you crack me up!!! Oh my!!!:)
thanks for prayers!!!

Susie said...

I once had an over protective Grandmother call my Megan..."That little girl" b/c shall I say knew how to stand up to pesky little boys when she was 18 months old...anyway to this day she calls her "that little girl" you post reminded me of this...and my new revelation is if "that little girl" would grow up and have the same Godly characteristics of "That Girl"...I would be happy to be "That Momma"...hee hee...

Love you "That Girl"!