Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Off to the Navajo Nation I Go....

I think this is the last blog until Monday, April 19th. Until then, read this and pray every day please.
{I leave tomorrow, pray for my sanity until then. hee hee}

I travel tomorrow afternoon to North Carolina, where I will stay two nights with my friends Jeremy and Katie and their sweet baby boy Wyatt. Friday night at 6:30, we will meet as a team to discuss particulars and prepare together to go the next morning.

Saturday we will leave for the airport at 5:45 in the AM (people, no one but Seven Eleven and the rooster are up at this hour.) Later that day, we arrive in Albuquerque and will take a van to the reservation.

Here's how you can pray for my team and myself, my dear friends and Bloggerotsky:


*God will keep us safe AS ACCORDING TO HIS WILL...
(I am not afraid, and God is not SAFE, but He is good. Too often we consider Jesus as a "safe" God. Sometimes Jesus did things that were not safe and sometimes they were downright dangerous. I don't aim to find myself in dangerous situations but I am also not afraid of them.)

*We will be humble and gentle at ALL times, maintaining the attitude of Christ. (Phil. 2:5)

*We will abide in Jesus, because apart from Him, we can do nothing. (John 15:5)

*We will operate not in our own strength, but in the power of the Holy Spirit. (1 Cor. 12:9)

*We will consider others better than ourselves. (Phil. 2:4)

*That we will show a tremendous amount of respect and flexibility for this proud people. We are not on the same time schedule anymore (Jesus help me!) and remembering that in your prayers will make the trip so much smoother. Everything we have planned is subject to change with a moment's notice.

*As we lead programs for the children on the Navajo Nation

*As we do construction/painting (I SOOO wish my Seth was going--he is an awesome painter)

*As we work with the elderly in the Senior Center (This is the area of the trip I am in charge of this craft and game time. Please pray that the older people have such a great time every day and God gives me great favor to be able to build solid relationships with them--especially the women. It's a matriarchal society--right up my alley!)

*As we do programs in the public schools

*As we visit homes door to door.

*because many people of the Navajo Nation are still resistant to the Gospel and are wrapped up in their traditional religion. The ministry to the Navajo will look very different than the ministry at home. We want to build relationships with these people to show them the love of the One True God. One specifice way we do is to visit people in their home.

*because the Navajo people are NEVER in a hurry. (They will probably teach That Girl more than I will ever teach them!)

*because I don't want to come back the same way that I left. I want to be changed from the inside out.

*because the Navajos do not respond to the Gospel from a practical logical mindset, so pray that we can show them the Gospel lived out consistently with acts of humility, love, and service.

*that we can show them that they are not worthless, ignored, or unimportant, but that they matter to God and to us!

*that I can communicate this trip well to you and to all that ask me to share the stories of the people.

* about the people that the Lord may be preparing for us to build relationships with.

*for the health of the team.

* that God teaches during times of silence (especially me, I don't get that chance very often.

* that God will use us as living water in a dry, desolate lonely place.

*that God will give me many opportunities to speak life into close friends of mine on this trip that are on the front lines for Jesus DAILY!

* That He is lifted UP and ALL people are drawn unto HIM.

Lord, you tell us in your Word to ask and you'll give the nations to us. (Psalm 1) I believe, Jesus, help my unbelief! I pray that you do great signs and wonders and that you'll help us to offer every single thing that's in our baskets to you as you multiply and use it to feed MANY spiritually. Father, do what you alone can do.

Here I go, my friend (he really is my friend, I joke about Beth Moore, I'm serious about him) Carl says and sings so eloquently:

(okay, I am crying now.)

Pray with me. By doing that, you are going too.


Susie said...

Enjoy every moment of your mission! We will cover you in prayer always!

Leslie said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers! May God go with you!

Amy S said...

BE SAFE!!!! Proud of you!!!!

Jessie, Dusty, and Koen said...

I will definitely be praying for you Lauren! Have an awesome time. Btw, thanks for your comment about Koen:) Although I'm partial, I think he's awfully cute too!

Kathryn @ Expectant Hearts said...

I'm praying for you and hope we get to hear ALL about it when you get back! In the meantime, I'm giving you a Friendship Award.