Friday, April 24, 2009

FINALS//Rays of Sunshine in the Storm....


need I say more?

Rays of sunshine in the bleak gray skies:

Faith Baptist Church Ladies' Spring Tea

[Seeing Eli Tamru Ausbrooks (pics on Monday!!) for the first time

plans to get him in the car when Kristi's not looking]

First Church of the Nazarene Mother-Daughter Banquet Saturday afternoon

back after next week with some more substantial posting. I look forward to seeing some of my regular readers this weekend!


Carol said...

Remember, it takes both the sunshine and the rain to make a rainbow. Hang in there through finals...this too shall pass! (and I hope you do, too! lol)

Josh and Kristi said...

You are a busy girl! Thanks so much for sharing your heart and time with us last night. I want my life marked by Christ.

I think Eli said your name in his sleep last night too:)