Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bringin' Crafty Back.//That Girl Moment #876: ATM Saga

Yes, my responsibility on my mission trip next week is that of crafts with the elderly.

As the Beastie Boys once sang (prolly about me) "she's crafty, she's just my type."

Let's hope sincerely that the Navajo people find me to be their type and like the crafts that I have planned.

GP are ya wit' me? I'm asking for prayer in every aspect of this trip, not just some!!

I can't wait to share all of the That Girl Moments I am going to compile to share with you when I get back to the ranch.

I would like to explain my trip to the Navajo Nation, so I'll take your questions in the comments section in order to best identify what I'll be doing.


Meanwhile, here in the land of many Oaks, a little princess went off to the small robotical creature called ATM. Little princess tried hard to deposit all of the money she had received for her trip to the Land of Many Deserts. But the envelope was much too fat!

"Oh no! What EVER shall I do?" Little princess cried.

suddenly, a much larger horse and its rider growing impatient behind her. They also had to visit the little ATM. Little princess frantically tried to shove some of the money inside of another envelope. She licked the envelope hastily and received a life-threatening papercut on the corner of her mouth.

"ACK!" she cried.

She continued to stick her mission money in the envelope despite her mortal wound, and she got confused because she kept trying to separate the money out into different envelopes, but rider and horse were growing utterly frustrated so Little princess shoved her first envelope in as a deposit and went around the bend to get behind rider and horse.

little princess sat on her trusty horse Darla, while listening to the musical stylings of Lady Taylor Swift (for which she still grieved, the concert in the Big Village near the Land of the Oaks has been sold out for weeks), and waited for her second turn at the butter churn, so to speak. Finally rider and horse were done, and as she placed her remaining deposits in, she was devastated (not to mention mortally wounded) as she realized to the tune of "Love Story" that she had put one check in that was written not for her, but for the mission organization with which Little princess will travel to the Land of Many Deserts.

"Ack!" she cried again.

Little Princess limped away with Darla, bleeding and frustrated, not to mention clinically insane due to the lack of space in the robotical ATM for her monies.

Alas, just another day with Little princess in the Land of Many Oaks.