Tuesday, March 24, 2009

She Speaks!

Hello Bloggerotsky and sweet ones! Proverbs 31 Ministries is hosting the She Speaks conference in Concord, NC in late July. This conference is for women like me who desire to reach the masses of lonely, hurting women who are desperately wanting to touch the hem of His garment and find healing for past hurts, learn to forgive or face a tragedy, and learn to become Biblically literate (as I am doing right now in seminary!!)

Lysa TerKeurst and the ministry are giving out a scholarship to one blessed recipient (You can sign up to win right here!!). I am competing and I am so thankful for the opportunity. It would be such an amazing opportunity for such young woman in ministry like me to be able to sit under such beautiful teaching and learn some helpful hints (and maybe have some That Girl moments as well....check the sidebar) to offer more to you, my friends, on this blog!

So I am doing my blog post in an unorthodox way. Since the conference is called "She Speaks" I am asking YOU, dear readers and friends, to tell why you think this opportunity might be helpful for me and what you think I will learn and gain from the encouragement and the time spent with other women (I am the only girl and the youngest one in the seminary, you know. So will you comment?

Thanks for your help. Thanks, Proverbs 31, for reading my entry and the notes of my friends below.

It's so good to have family members of the Body of Christ with whom we learn and grow!!


weitkamp said...

Having just spent a weekend working closely with Lauren, I feel uniquely qualified to discuss reasons why she would be a great candidate for free admission to the “She Speaks" conference sponsored by Proverbs 31 Ministries. This past weekend I was a table leader and Lauren was an assistant table leader for the 72-hour Southwestern Indiana Walk to Emmaus (Women’s Walk 38). As I listened to Lauren lovingly minister to the pilgrims at our table, I was so impressed with the depth of her wisdom and spiritual maturity. Lauren truly has a heart for women’s ministry and would use any knowledge she gained during this conference to share the love of Christ with as many women as possible.

Theresa Weitkamp

Jane said...

I would LOVE to hear that Lauren has been chosen to receive the She Speaks scholarship. I can imagine no one that is more deserving and no one who would use it more to benefit the kingdom of God.

Lauren is a young, joy-filled Christian woman. She has such a heart for people. She is a prayer warrior and an encourager.

Lauren is a Proverbs 31 kind of woman. She has that "noble character" and she is a real character (lol). She is wise beyond her years. Lauren is willing to work hard for God's kingdom.

Lauren's precious mother died a little while ago. Lauren has used her experience to minister to many others! Her loss was great, but Lauren knows that her God is greater!

Lauren gives of her time to those in need. She selflessly serves in her church, at her school, in her community and in our local Emmaus community.

Lauren relates well to women of all ages. She is well respected by all who know her!

Lauren is not afraid to let her light shine! She is not ashamed of the Gospel. She is on fire for Jesus and anyone around her for any length of time knows it!

She is bold and confident in her faith. She has a heart for people who are lost.

If God had blessed my husband and I with a daughter we would want her to be like Lauren.

I love the Proverbs 31 ministry and I would be thrilled to hear of Lauren's selection.

The She Speaks conference will be blessed by the presence of Lauren Biggs (you may never know what hit you!). She will use what she learns to reach others for Jesus!

Thank you and God bless you!

Josh and Kristi said...

Lauren is a perfect candidate for the Proverbs 31 Ministries conference. Not only does she have a heart for women’s ministry, she is a woman after God’s own heart. I had the opportunity recently to hear Lauren speak at a women’s conference and the Spirit definitely spoke through her. Our church has invited her to speak at an upcoming women’s event as well, and we are all excited. Lauren has a gift beyond her age, and others recognize it.

Lauren lives out her faith for others to see, and she also deals with the tough stuff. I always appreciate her encouragement, insight, honesty, and faith. She has contagious joy also. I know Lauren gives a lot of her time for ministry and volunteering, not to mention studying! A scholarship for the conference would greatly help her, but it would also help all of us who benefit from this young lady’s wit and wisdom.

Kristi Ausbrooks – wife, mother of 3, and daughter of the King

Brooke Celeste said...

I remember the first time I ever met Lauren. I met her at Passion for Purity Conference back in 2005. Purity has been a big factor in my Christian walk and Lauren has shown me the importance of purity and has helped me set standards to live by and hold strong to. She gave a talk that I remember to this day. It was about worshiping the Lord with a pure heart no matter what storm passes your way. Four years ago never knowing her, she made a big impression on my life. I would love to see the fire she would come back with after attending the conference. She puts so much into the Lord's ministry and she feeds so many people the word of God, it would be refresing for her to in turn to be fed and refreshed during this conference. I know she would maximize this experience and so many young women would be affected by her attending this conference. She is Awesome, and yeah, she's that girl, She's the girl who stands out, the girl whose set herself apart,and the girl who does and who will continue to make a difference in the lives of young women where ever the Lord takes her.

dougscudder said...

Thankyou Proverbs 31 Ministry for giving this opportunity for us to offer a gift from God to you! Her name is Lauren Biggs and you can count it as God's plan that her last name matches her desire to serve Him by ministering to women in His Name.

This past weekend, at a Walk to Emmaus womens retreat she pesented a talk on priorities that left no doubt about where hers are even though she let the audience figure that out! I've heard similar talks many times and I've even given one on the same topic, but I've never seen it put so clearly: visibly simple, profound, touching emotionally sensitive areas with tenderness.

God has gifted her with an incredible passion that reaches out to each individual in a room to the point that you forget she's not just taking to you. Her genuine trasparency is not a stage presence or for show. It's just who she is in Christ and it's always there.

As a student she has limited finances.
As a child of God, she has no end of resources. Her faith is such that this offer of an opportunity to go to the "She Speaks" conference seems like an invitation from God.
As an imaginatve as well as humble servant she would rather not put herself forward. So, we who have watched her participate in many forms of ministry while shining with the Joy of Christ, lift her up to you and God as a gift that you (and He) can grow as she uses her recently acquired empathy to reach those who are suffering, with the love of Christ.

Glenda Scudder, mother of 3 and Masterpiece of God for such a time as this.

Brien and Cindy said...

It amazes me to watch this beautiful lady be able to speak the word of God the way she does. She puts things into a perspective that a lady of any age could understand. I had the privelage to listen to Lauren speak a few Saturdays ago and as I suspected she knocked my socks off. She kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

Lauren has been a wonderful part of my life over the last five years. I feel so blessed to have been able to experience some of the moments with her that I have had. I sincerely hope that she is picked for this special honor to go to the "She Speaks" Conference. With the things that she will take from this conference I know that she will do just that, She will speak and she will do it well.

While it is hard to believe that she could reach a more spiritual level by seeing her at the level she is already at, I pray that this opportunity is given to her because I know that she will be blessed as well as being able to bless even more people around her.

Cindy Lagle, Wife, Mother, Step-Mother and Child of God

Marc Grimes said...

I cannot think of a more worthy person for this opportunity of a lifetime. Lauren is genuine, eloquent, and graceful. I have yet to meet someone who has not been positively affected by Lauren’s life and message. When “she speaks,” she does not force you to listen; rather when “she speaks,” you want to listen. Lauren deserves this break. As a seminarian, she is financially limited, but as a minister, her potential is boundless, especially with your assistance.

Carol said...

Recently, Lauren was the speaker at our churches “Ladies Day.” That day she spoke to 116 ladies ranging in age from 20 to 80. She touched every heart. I personally was amazed at how this 23 year old was so wise for her years. She made everyone comfortable but spoke boldly the message about depression God had given her. Hearts were healed that day at the altar. Lauren also ministered to several ladies privately. She also spoke about letting our light shine for God. You can’t meet Lauren and not notice the bright beacon she shines for God.

Sometimes God puts people in our lives that inspire us. I am more than double Lauren’s age but she has spoken to my heart. It is so wonderful to see this young spirit ministering to all.

Lauren is a student craving anything she can do to improve her skills to bring Jesus to others. Should you choose Lauren Biggs to receive your scholarship for the “She Speaks” conference you will be choosing a young lady with a love for God and a true gift of passing on His light.

Carol Singelstad –

Stephanie Powell said...

I am completely positive without a doubt that Lauren is the girl for this conference! I have known Lauren and her family since she was a little girl. Oh what the Lord has done in her life! I got the opportunity to hear her speak at a Ladies Day a few months ago and I was blown away with blessings. She is an amazing speaker, encourager, follower of Christ. I was totally enthralled by the fact that she could relate to so many women of all ages. The Lord used her to bring about a revival in my heart and I am sure many others. I am sure that any lady that was there that day and a believer had a revival and if they weren't when they went in, they probably were when they left! "That Girl" is on a mission for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Thank you Lauren. I am praying for you! Love, Stephanie

lsermie said...

It is a true honor to tell you about Lauren Biggs. I also have just spent the weekend with her @ a Southern Indiana Walk to Emmaus. Lauren spoke to about 100 ladies @ this retreat.Lauren is so powerful and passionate about our Lord. She touched each and every woman in that room. She has endured such a terrible loss in the year and has overcome it with Gods Grace. She is passionate about what she speaks about. It is such a joy to even be in the same room with Lauren. I am honored to be to a part of Laurens life. God is so good.

Susie said...

Simply said, Lauren sits at the feet of Jesus and listens with a servant's heart and acts in obedience to whatever and wherever he calls her. She would not have applied for the scholarship had it not been a divine directive from Him. Lauren has a true passion for women's ministry which is a gift that has been instilled in her at a very young age. When she speaks you know the words are flowing straight from the Holy Spirit. It would be an awesome opportunity for Lauren to be awarded this scholarship enabling her to receive even more of God's instruction to help her grow in her abilities of reaching out and teaching others about Jesus. Please choose Lauren for when "she speaks" she is furthering God's kingdom and that's what it is all about.

Kim said...

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak for Lauren. I have had the pleasure to work with Lauren on an Emmaus walk where she served as Liturgist. Each morning we received a daily devotion that was truly powerful, challenging, thought provoking, and inspiring. Lauren has a true hunger for God and an eagerness to share Him with the world. I know God has a plan to use Lauren in a mighty way. With so many people lost in today's world, Lauren is a light guiding us to the truth. If Lauren is chosen for this honor, I know that we will all be blessed in a mighty way. I am honored and humbled to be part of her life. God is good, all the time! God bless you all!!!!

Jan said...

I am amazed by Lauren's wisdom at such a young age. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she would be blessed and encouraged to be in the presence of great speakers and such Godly female influences, as she lost her biggest influence, her precious mother, to breast cancer a little over a year ago. You will absolutely LOVE "that girl" Lauren and she will be an exciting and active participant to any workshop you have to offer. She presently ministers to ALOT of women in our area through day and weekend retreats and any new ideas would only enchance her work in this area!!!

Leah Robinson said...

I think everyone has already summed it up, that Lauren is a perfect candidate for the Proverbs 31 Ministries conference!!

Lauren is a woman that is younger than me in age, but someone I’ve looked up to in her endless faith for our heavenly father! She always knows what to say to make my day better, and my heart more trusting of our savior! It doesn’t matter the time of day I know Lauren is there for anyone needing a helping hand! I don’t know anyone more deserving of this opportunity than Lauren!

A scholarship for this conference would put a smile on our Savior’s face, no doubt!!

Kim W said...

The Lord has blessed my life with Lauren. I can't think of anyone else that is more worthy of a scholarship to the She Speaks Conference. Lauren has been given a gift from the Lord to be able to minister and connect with young girls. Everything from her beautiful smile to her big bear hugs radiates the love of Jesus and puts these girls at ease. There is no mistaking her passion to help young women and give them a hope for the future. I am involved in the Knox County Crisis Pregnancy Center in Vincennes. Lauren is excited of the possibility of expanding the center into northern Knox County. She is a visionary! I know that this conference will further equip her to follow God's calling in her life. I can't wait to see the lives that she will touch and change forever! Love you Lauren!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can imagine no other woman that would use the knowledge gained at this Conference better than Lauren. She is like a sponge wanting/needing to soak up the knowledge that God has given. Her desire is to help/mentor other women to grow closer in their relationship with the Lord.
She uses so many tools to witness to others - the use of laughter, prayer (man can "that girl" pray), listening, studying scripture, "preaching" ...
I know you will prayerfully consider each woman that applies for this opportunity but I pray you will choose "this girl."

Vicki Stuffle, RN, TNS
Director Emergency Services and House Supervision
Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center

jen-jo@blogger.com said...

Lauren has such a love for our Lord and she demonstrates His love with her actions. She genuinely loves and cares for all, reaching out to anyone in need. Her mother, who has passed on, helped so many and envisioned ways to reach out in so many more ways and Lauren is continuing in her footsteps.
Lauren is wise beyond her years! She is a great encourager. She speaks with love, boldness, truth, and discernment to what God has for her to share. Lauren is a dynamic speaker and walks the talk. So many will benefit from Lauren attending this powerful conference. I am so blessed that God brought her into my life.
"That Girl" has a calling on her life to preach and the one you should call to receive the scholarship. "That Girl" is a winner!

Anonymous said...

To say that Lauren is a joy, would be an understatement. I have only known her for a short time, but the love I have for her could fill a lifetime. She is the girl after Gods heart. She is the face of Jesus to everyone she meets. Spreading the Gospel is not just a mission or ministry for Lauren, it is the Breath of Life to her. She is consumed with passion for her Savior and her desire is to grow closer to Him everyday. She leads me nearer my God to Thee. This little girl may be young in years, but she is mighty in wisdom from the Savior. I pray that you will give her the opportunity to learn and grow at this conference. Lauren will be greatly blessed by this and she will be a great blessing to those that meet her. God bless you all as you serve the Lord in this ministry.

Cindy Maddock said...

Lauren is a beautiful young lady inside and out. I met her about a year ago through a friend. Lauren has been so enthusiastic and friendly every time I see her. She has a deep love for the Lord and it is evident in all she says and does. I heard her talk at an Emmaus weekend last week and she is an amazing speaker. She demonstrates a strong commitment to bringing others to Christ. She is following in her Mother's footsteps in spreading God's love wherever she is. It seems to me that she is wise beyond her years and I feel you will find her to be a perfect candidate for the She Speaks Conference. Cindy Maddock

Lindsey @ A New Life said...

What a great testimony to have all your friends post on your behalf!

Praying for your dream and wishing you luck in the contest!

Anonymous said...

I pray you will choose Lauren for the scholarship for your She Speaks conference. Lauren is so contagious that God's love just flows from her the moment you see her. She has a heart to minister to women of all ages and God uses her mightily. Lauren is like the Mary in the bible who sits by Jesus feet but then uses all she gains from HIM to love and serve others. Lauren is a tru blessing and I am so honored to know her.

Shelly T. said...

I pray lauren is chosen for the She Speaks Conference, as it can only add to an already oustandingly blessed ministry from God. She is the kind of person who reaches out to all she meets. She turns ordinary into extraordinary wherever she goes. Her ministry to this point has obviously been so blessed by God in the lives she's touched. She has a gift for knowing just how to intevene in situations to glorify God's Kingdom and reach his Lambs. She is always unexpectly sending you a message or phone call or text with just the perfect scripture to those who need it at just the perfect moment. She is an obedient servant to his Call and deserves the extraordinary life only God can fulfill through his Glory. I pray she is blessed beyond measure.