Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hoof -in-Mouth Disease.

Anyone have any good stories about sticking the foot in the mouth?

I could use some cheering up. I think I said the wrong thing last night that really intimidated someone. Dang it. Well, I didn't meeeean it like it sounded. I am pretty sure if I would have said it in person...

nope. even MORE awkward. If that's possible.


C'mon. Share your stories. Misery loves company :D


Leslie said...

I still love you, Lauren.

I had a really bad night last night too. I don't know that it falls under the hoof-in-mouth disease...but it wasn't pretty. And I'd just as soon not relive it.

I sure hope your day improves and that your 'listener' understands where you were coming from. I'm working on that myself.

Keyly Watts said...

My life story is exit-right-foot, enter-left-foot! Don't worry, we've all been there. My favorite "foot in mouth" story is from my hubby Tony. He asked a lady when her baby was due and she replied "I had it 3 months ago". And just the other day I was going on-and-on about our bosses not giving raises this year and when I walked out the door there stood one of them! I won't be looking for a raise next year either I bet!!
You've suffered much more embarresment than this (I'm sure) and you've lived to tell about it. And, I hate to say it, there will be a next time.
So until then, we, the friends of THAT GIRL will be watching and waiting . . . . :-}

Carol said...

Oh, honey...I hear ya! I have a permanent shoe-shaped hole in my mouth from contantly sticking my foot in my mouth!! It's so normal to me that I can't think of anything right now, but I'll be back if I do!