Friday, February 13, 2009

Cupid, you shouldn't have! But so glad you did!

Dear Cupid,

You read my mind! The one thing I forgot to put on my list...a new bag for my laptop!!

Good job.

My Sweetheart got me a very, very fashionable pink laptop case this evening in honor of my very favorite 'holiday' as he's such a good sport about this kind of thing (by this kind of thing I mean my overarching ridiculousness in treating Valentine's as such an incredibly big holiday). Not only does he put up with it, but as one of my dearests points out, he honors my slightly frivolous ways by getting me something slightly frivolous that costs a mint and I don't really need that badly.

Bless his heart. He's too cute. Cupid, you shot me right in the tail end when I met that man. You got me good.

your pink-loving fan,
That Girl.

I would have shown the Bloggerotsky a link of my gift but apparently it's as rare as he is-a stand-up kind of guy in a culture that practically write of the idea of a man of integrity.

PS- nobody get any ideas about him. He's all mine!


Leah Robinson said...

Congrats on the new bag! I had to have a pink one when I got my first laptop!! haha Pink is my favorite color :)