Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How much do I desperately want one of those design shows to come overhaul my really awkward-looking office?

or Clinton and Stacy to come overhaul my rather-awkward looking wardrobe(Providence girls: this is of course with the exception of those fab gauchos I got on sale and then the button fell off...you had to be there at Laundry Day...holla atcha girl if you loved those pants-got a cute short sleeve purpl turtleneck to match...oops, I digress...) and teach me how to dress for success without showing my muffin top?

or Niecey Nash (one of Seth's idols...) from Clean House to come clean out my car? That's right, I said car. Not apartment. If you saw my car you'd think I lived out of it anyway. In fact, I have to say that when I am driving down the road, you look over from the inside of your cozy SUV which you have opted not to let your kids eat in, and shiver at the utter destruction that is Darla the Daewoo. I like to call it Creative Chaos. Others like to call it a landfill. You say tomato, I say tuh-mah-to.

(King Triton and the Gnomes from the Daewoo village say hello, by the way.)

wouldn't it be amazing? Then you could watch "That Girl" have epic fails and "That Girl..." moments in LIVING COLOR....

not to mention praising His holy name that those poor trolls and gnomes got set free and lauren finally got some fashion sense.
because we know it would have to be the Lord himself because that would be truly...
you know...