Thursday, November 20, 2008

Updates and News.

Just some stuff--

1. My dear friend Andy is working diligently and putting his graphic design skills to good use as he works on the design for my website and blog. Pray for him as he seeks inspiration--I want women to feel welcome when they find the site! I am hoping that God will provide the finances and make the path straight to have the website up and running by the first of the year!! I covet your prayers toward this end as it is my desire to be able to minister to women all over the US and this will be the best way to connect with those looking for a speaker for their event.

2. I can now officially announce that I will be a part of Crossroads Worldwide's team to Arizona/Colorado in April of 2009! We will be ministering to the Navajo Nation, which is especially exciting as this particular group is a matriarchal society, which hopefully means I will be able to preach and lead in some ways I could not in other cultures. BUT BLOGGEROTSKY, I need your help! I am looking for creative ideas on how to raise the funds. For my Haiti trip I sent out support letters, and if it comes to that I can do it again, but I would really like to minister to women and share my heart for missions and raise money for the trip at the same time! So if you have suggestions, let me know asap....
Tiny "That Girl..." moment: They were having trouble filling the trip so I mentioned to Seth that he might want to pray about going. He kept asking me when, and I emailed him the dates, etc...Well, I didn't really check it over, I just knew I was supposed to go and signed up without really thinking about it. Today, I get an email from my sweet guy, and it says, "Lauren dear, I would love to go except it's over EASTER."
Can you just hear Ted Bessell saying "THAT GIRL"?
Welcome to his poor life...

3. I am not patient. I read on someone's blog today that it means that I think my time is more important than someone else's, which is a sign of pride. Pray that my pride will continue to die as I learn to have more patience.


Shannon said...

Good stuff on patience... not heard it put like that before... ouch!

Elle MD said...

Okay, I know it's still letter-writing, but... For Relay for Life every year, I send out 100 letters to friends and family asking each one to donate just $10. If they all do that little bit, I will have collected $1000 for Relay for Life.

Well, some do and some don't. Some do the $10, some do much more. But I always raise close to $1000!

You could do the same thing with friends and family, all of your Emmaus sisters and brothers, etc. I don't know how much you're looking to raise, but you can choose the number of letters that you send and you can choose a different dollar amount if you need to.