Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Ellie just had a fit.


a kick-your-legs-and-thrash-on-the-ground-and-cry-big-crocodile-tears kind of tantrum.

She made a mountain out of a molehill because she is 23 months old and she is sleepy and desperately needs a nap. She was also dying for some attention. I know this. As I watched her kick and scream, I had compassion on her.


I do the same thing. On a daily basis. And through all my kicking and screaming, He has great compassion on me.

At the end of her tantrum, she got up, picked up the green crayon she had thrown during the "Ellie Earthquake" and went back to coloring. Two minutes later, she looked at me and grinned.
One of my professors just spoke last Wednesday about whining as the basis for the Book of Lamentations. He said if we are going to whine, whine to Someone who cares. Then count the blessings and let it go.

Sometimes we need to kick and scream.
And then build and bridge and get on over it.

I've mastered number one, but pulling up my big-guhl pahnts is something I am still working on.

By the way, during her fit, I held her so tight that she couldn't wriggle loose from my grip. Here's to a God who does the same for us.


BeckyB. said...

so, so, so, true

Terri said...

Just want to say "hello" and that we're missing 'that girl.' Thankfully, He does provide those who care--who allow us to vent and to be real--thanks for being one who cares!

Kathryn @ Expectant Hearts said...

Amen. I"ve been throwing tantrums of my own lately.. because I"m weary & didn't get my way.. And God holds me tight and waits for me to calm down. Thank you, Jesus.

Michal said...

:-) It's rather ironic that you posted this, because I was feeling this way the other night. It's way comforting when I remember that I can settle into the Father's lap. I love you, Laur!