Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Good Morning Part 2.

Special surprises two days in a row!!

This morning thanks to my dear friend Beau, I awoke to the sweet vocal stylings of none other than Mr. John Mayer. He had a Mayer DVD I wanted to borrow, and he went one better...He came over after I was asleep to visit last night, and he had Nicole put it in the DVD player with the directions to turn it on when I woke up.

I heard some TV in the living room, which is weird because Collee rarely turns on the TV in the morning (a good thing since we live less than a thousand yards away and still manage to roll in five minutes late to work...hmm.) and then I heard that beloved voice talking about something I couldn't quite hear. Then he sang "Neon" and it made me not want to go to work to stay home and watch that thing.

I was so excited. My love for John Mayer and his weird facial expressions when he sings (he contorts his face into the weirdest positions while singing and is often made fun of on SNL for multiple reasons.) I still love his music.

THANKS BEAU! You are awesome.

What's your favorite John Mayer song?