Monday, October 20, 2008

Confessions of Another Not-So-Secret Snuggler.

I just read this on Jasmine Star's Blog, and I thought it describes me soooo well.
She wrote it better than I ever could.

READ IT RIGHT NOW if you want to glimpse into my wearied brain....

I'm a snuggler too.

I agree with Jasmine that there is a difference between being the snuggle-er and the snuggle-ee. Everyone take note. My favorite commercials growing up involved the Snuggle Bear. My mom was a great Snuggler. Come On people! Stand up and admit it!
Throw up your rock fist and yell,

Thank you, Jasmine Star. Go visit her blog... it's so legit.


Chaffin Family said...

Okay here it goes. My name is Kim and I am a snuggler. I love it when my kids 13 and 16 need a snuggle. There is no words to describe the joy it brings me. I love to be held also. I'll go and check out the blog now. Kim

Elle MD said...

Amen, sista! I've been a snuggler from way back. In high school, my friends got me a T-shirt that said 'Free Hugs' on the back, just because I offered hugs to pretty much everyone. But truth be told, I often did it as much or more for my benefit as I did it for theirs.

My son is not much of a snuggler...but my cat is!

Jasmine said...

Snugglers UNITE!! :)
You are too cute!