Saturday, July 12, 2008

Indian Creek.

I just returned from First Timers' Camp, an overnighter designed to help younger children acclimate to camp at Indian Creek. Although I didn't take any photos at this particular camp, I wanted to share some of the photos I took at Explorer/Discovery, when I had Grace and Tali, two of my favorite blessings at FBC Bicknell.
Miss Grace with her cutie-pie goggles on.
Julie and Melea chatting before chapel.
Nothing more beautiful than the one I love teaching the Gospel to children.
My five explorer sweet peas.
hmmm. A turtle...
Four of my five hanging out on the legendary top bunk.
It is so clear that Bev and Becky prayed for me to take better photos than I could on my own.


Carol said...

Great'd you do the yellow/black & white thing?

Anna Osmon said...

Love it! :)

beverlyj said...

hmmm a turtle. lol. those are great pictures. the girls had an amazing time and this was the first time i didn't cry when grace was at camp. thank you for taking care of our babies! love ya

chaff "4" said...

It is so fun to work with kids. I had the chance to work at a young lives camp for teen moms and their babies. I was blessed with the chance to serve as a child care provider so the mom's could go to camp and learn about the Lord. While running one morning at camp I heard from God to widen my tent stacks and that I could be a mother to many and it became clear to me that I needed to continue working with children of all ages. I love to hear about what God is doing in the lives of others and he is really using you.

Seth sounds like a wonderful blessing from the Lord. Keep up all your hard work. Kim