Saturday, June 28, 2008

Haiti Journal Entry #4 (Tuesday, June 10)

Today we went to conquer Ti Boukhan (sp?), a very large mountain...
(Jami, this is for you! All I could think of was South Mountain...I thought that was bad, but this one was hotter and way harder to hike...I was bequeathing my earthly goods--to you and Seth of course--on the way up...)

I prayed a lot as we walked pretty much vertically up the mountain. The further we went, the sicker I got--it's my own fault for being out of shape, which I was convicted about... I may begin Body For Life when I get back.** So about halfway up,, my friend Randa's miniscus began acting up (that's her knee, I found out--she's had multiple surgeries) so I went back down with Nick, Rachel, Nika, and Nathan. On the way down we shared the Gospel and handed out toiletries. We met an older lady whose family was out to get her. She was afraid, so right there on the mountain we came together in unity to ask God's protection for her. I also found out that Haitians don't purposefully stand in the sun to chat like silly Americans.

So we went down the mountain and started witnessing to the local villagers. (Thanks to those of you who had been praying. The warfare was strong--I didn't find out until later that there was huge voodoo temple in the neighborhood.) The villagers were polite but for the most part they appeared to be unmoved. But at least now they have heard the truth. The blessing is not necessarily always found in the response of the people, but rather in the obedience to the Great Commission.
I promised my new friend Alex, who I met in the village, that I wouldn't forget to pray for him. Something happened to Alex's eye and he has gone blind in that eye. There is some pressure in it, so we prayed over him and gave him some toiletries. Here he is if you'd like to pray too.

After lunch, we went to paint some school benches. We did an "outstanding" job (baha. I am an awesome painter. Seth knows this. That's why he went back over every single surface my brush touched with paint.) But just to let you know, there was already paint on the benches that was peeling off, but no sandpaper.

**Update: waiting to start until I get into the new apartment.


chaff "4" said...

wow. I had to come back to your blog to see what you have been up to. I am moved by the work your are doing. I would love to put your blog on our family blog as a link so that my pastor and others in my church can see what you are doing and pray for you. would that be okay to share your site. God's blessings to you. I'll be praying for you and thank you for blessing me with something so wonderful to pray for.
Kim, a sister in Christ

chaff "4" said...

Thanks. I have you linked to our blog so you'll be covered in prayer from my church and my friends who know the Lord. Have a wonderful day. Kim

Anonymous said...

now you know what my blog is!