Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday Night Mind Dump...

  • I just had the best hot fudge sundae. I love hot fudge--it's better than just palin ol' chocolate.
  • Becky is going to take my headshots this weekend for the new website (so you know that they will be legit not because of who's in front of the camera, but who is behind it)...
  • It's wins. Thanks for all of your help, kind words, and support.
  • Pray for Andrew as he has surgery tomorrow morning.
  • I went to a really legit concert tonight.
  • Watched the Jonas Bros. on (shh, don't say it too loud) Oprah today. They have the cutest, most precious little family. If I was a little younger, I'd totally be teenybopping for that crew.
  • Lots of school stuff and stress next week.
  • Seth wants me to learn to play the mandolin. It's his dream. I would pretty much walk through fire for that man, so it looks like I will be learning to play the mandolin.
  • If I see one more this-is-hardly-ever-a-battleground-stat-but-we-need-the-extra-delegates-so-we-will-run-a-political-ad-every-threepointfive-minutes-commercial, I am going to scream.
  • My dream of a big-kid swingset is hanging on. I told Nicole that I'm going to the hill of battle for this one :)
  • Grey's returned tonight. Can't wait to watch it on the tivo tomorrow night.
  • I love love love this spring weather we've been having,. but my dorm is hotter than a sheepdog in maui. I'm telling you, the compressor is down, and on behalf of everything good and holy, if we don't get some air up in here, I am going to sweat away to nothing....
  • ...Wait a minute--that sounds like a diet plan I could handle :)
  • Beth Moore blogs. That is so all I need to know.
  • I love Chi flat irons. I am spoiled when I go to Terri's and use hers.
  • that's all I got. I'm going to sleep!