Thursday, March 6, 2008

Yay. and Mind Dump.

Yay for Thursday nights!
  • I made a pie. It didn't turn out that well. But everyone liked it (or so they said!)
  • I left groceries at the grocery. Hate it when I do that! Then the walk of shame..."so I left some groceries here, and uh...."
  • Seth arranged for me to go to a very special leadership conference in September and I was so moved and grateful that he got special permission for me to attend. He loves me a lot and I'm thankful for him.
  • Terri's daughter (and my new friend!!) Sarah is having a sleepover tomorrow night with some of my other new friends. And I'm going to crash it after I spend some time with Seth's sweet parents!!! Hope they don't mind when I show up with my pj's for a good time (and maybe some chocolate??)...
  • Maybe I might be doing Ash's wedding invitation addressing sometime this weekend. I hope to see both Ash and Heather in the process! I LOVE GIRL TIME (can you tell?)
  • I am getting baptized by immersion on Sunday. (More on that this weekend: hopefully with pictures...B--can you help a sister out??!)
  • I need a new cell phone.
  • My life is good.
  • I want to learn to play the guitar like Sandra McCracken.
  • God has been giving me understanding of Psalm 86:11. You should read it. It's challenging.
  • Please pray for Andrew--not feeling well this week--doc appointment this weekend. I love this little boy and am praying for a complete and total healing!
  • While I'm on subject, please also remember my friends Brandon and Jeannette. They are fellow religious studies students and husband and wife. Currently Brandon is in Kuwait serving our country, and I saw Jeannette today--it broke my heart to see how much she was missing Brandon and worrying about him. Please pray for them both as it takes its toll. Praise God for brave folks like Brandon who give up so much that we can be free!
  • Does anyone know of a way to get Angie the dog to STOP licking me? I know I'm sweet, but c'mon! ha.
  • I was reminded tonight that a seminary degree is beneficial for lifelong ministry involvement-even if that ministry is chasing three-year-olds, giving bottles, and rocking babies to sleep. But I am still praying that someday God will make a way for me to have a vibrant women's ministry. Who knows, maybe both at once...I am nothing if not ambitious!
  • Confession: I watch the heathen show "Lipstick Jungle" and then have text discussions with my awesome sister-in-law, Shannon. Yes, it's rotten and I shouldn't, but I do.
  • It's Grey's Anatomy's fault. I haven't had a new episode in so long I needed some drama (not like I have enough living with 70+girls!).
  • I love Amos Lee's music. His voice is like buttah and you should listen to it!
  • I think that Emmanuel Lewis and Gary Coleman should do a show together on cable. Rachel and I would be their biggest fans!
  • Easter is coming up soon. I love Easter and celebrating the Resurrection--proving Jesus didn't come to make bad people good. He came to make dead people ALIVE.

That's it. I think. I love you guys.


Anna Osmon said...

Yay Baptism! hah! I love you Laur!