Sunday, March 23, 2008


sorry for the lack of postage.


get it?!!?



It's just that I'm exhausted in every way possible.
so I will keep this short and sweet:

"That girl..." is learning what it means to abide. I don't mean the kind of abide where you sit for hours in your big red chair with God's Word open. I'd love to do that more than just a few minutes every day but these last few weeks have been jam-packed lately and I don't have hours to sit in God's presence.

I mean the kind of abide where you hide behind your Father's pantleg watching with one hand over your eye waiting for something to happen.

see the difference? Maybe only I understand this post....
whatever. I am going to continue for my own sake.

I mean the kind of abide where all you can do is sit on your Father's lap and sob at the end of the day knowing that His sovereignty is more than you can handle and all that you can't take in but at the same time all that you can't ignore and all that gives you hope.

I'm sleepy. peace out.

one more thing...

God also abides in us. WOW.


Christy said...

Laur, I love the pantleg illustration!! I want to abide as well.... :-)Luv Ya

Anna Osmon said...

I get it! :) Love you!

BeckyB. said...

i'm right there with you. i totally understand.

love ya... God's preparing you for the blessings He has in store...

Michal said...

I understand it now if I could only discipline myself... :)